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      World Is Changing And So Are We

      World Is Changing And So Are We

      With the craziness that the world is going through right now, I hope that all of you are safe and finding ways to keep your spirits high!

      We've been quiet for several months because we have been working on a really exciting project: www.bestiebeast.com 

      It's a new partner website that's dedicated to DOG LOVERS! 

      We love dogs and all animals, so this is a perfect fit for us.

      We are VERY EXCITED to be able to create new products with Bestie Beast and can't wait to see all the amazing content, products, and relationships this collaboration will bring!

      We will be updating our product offerings in JULY -- so keep an eye out!

      There will be some special savings available to everyone that's registered for our blog and/ newsletter. 

      So, if you haven't registered your email SIGN UP! :)

      Thanks again for your patience and understanding during this somewhat chaotic time.

      And we hope that in the next month or so we will have some fun gifts that will keep you in a positive and uplifting mood!

      Feel yummier,

      Vili Makihele - FMY owner 

      Ho Ho Ho

      Ho Ho Ho



      We want to wish everyone a happy holidays early!

      It's a crazy time of year, with family, friends, parties, traveling...

      so take your time and enjoy the moments that the holidays bring!

      With 2020 within our sights, we wanted to share our THANKS for helping support us and follow us through the FEEL ME YUMMY journey!

      kawaii accessories

      It's been rough and continues to have it's ups and downs, but hey, every good story has that, and we know that we'll land on top :)

      Mostly, because of YOU!!!

      Queer Eye: We're in Japan!

      The highlight of this year was seeing one of custom-made bomber jackets featured on QE, worn by Karamo Brown <3


      queer eye clothesqueer eye clothes

      It's always great to see all the countless hours put into a design come to life, especially when it's seen by millions of eyes.

      We are truly GRATEFUL for this.

      ADIOS 2019

      As we say adios to 2019, we are looking into a CRAZY and SUPER FUN 2020.

      Some of the products and apparel at the start of the new year will continue to come from kawaii, Harajuku influences as you've been seeing with the really cute characters: animals, unicorns, happy faces, pastel goth, etc...

      harajuku fashionharajuku fashionharajuku fashion

      BUT we will be throwing something a little bit EXTRA into the mix!

      When we get the "okay" to tell you, we will be launching brand NEW products that will be first available to people who have signed up for our newsletter. 

      This also includes special pricing  :) aka discounts and FREE stuff!

      legendary vogue

      So sign up NOW, if you want to be an insider with all those special perks.  

      Anyways, we hope you all have a VERY SPECIAL HOLIDAYS and will see you in 2020!!!


      Feel yummier,