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      Did you know FEEL ME YUMMY's second favorite thing to do is to create and curate all sorts of incredible gifts from all over the world that are super cute and fun?

      What's the first thing you ask? It's Safety and Security.

      And we're not talking just about credit cards. There's a lot more that goes into crime fighting!. And we make sure we wear our super hero's mask everyday to ensure that our gift shop is protecting you and allowing you to have the best shopping experience. 

      Safety and Security

      FEEL ME YUMMY only operates with reputable companies with top-notch security certificates. So in a nutshell, whether it's building or maintaining our website, to sourcing companies that make our tote bags, to the cotton used in our hoodies, to credit card transactions you make with us, to phone case designs we curate from artists to...I think you get the picture...we only establish relationships with THE BEST companies and people.

      So what do we consider being "the best"? Just take a look:

      • For everyone's safety, we use major global payments technology companies that fight cybercrime like: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, ApplePay, etc. to process all transactions. 
      • Our website is built with Shopify, which is the best eCommerce platform for all businesses. Companies like Sephora, Tesla, Rebecca Minkoff, and our favorite...Oreo cookies! They all use Shopify because of their user experience and security systems.  
      • Every company we work with must provide not only safety and registration certificates that are established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (aka F.D.A.), they're also required to show compliance certificates regarding child and forced labor. This is for any company, whether they are in the U.S.A. or overseas. 
      • In addition to the above certificates, overseas companies are required to have a verified minimum of 50 fulfilled orders (a single order can be +1000 units) with a 4.5/better business-customer rating within the last 6 months. This is one of many due diligence checks we make before establishing a relationship with another company. 

      "Made in China" 

      And other parts of the world! Like our friends to the south, Mexico, and our friends to the north, Canada. And sometimes products come from Africa, like a beautiful hand-woven throw. Wherever these gifts come from, you can trust they're top-quality and safe.

      Take a look around you and you'll find most products that you use and love all come from outside the U.S., or at least parts of them do.

      Our products are no different. Some would even say that our products look like they were produced in the U.S. because the quality is so good.

      "But I've ordered things from China and it was total garbage!" That sounds familiar right?

      Well, it does happen and unfortunately those people were either bamboozled or got a random lemon. Still, it's safe to say they probably continue shop online. But that's where verifying companies comes in handy.

      Finding a quality overseas partner takes us a lot work. We have to make sure they have all the right certifications and requirements, as listed above, and they also need to demonstrate they're good people.

      If they don't have all those going for them: Sorry! Hard pass! We're okay with waiting for the right company to come along.   

      If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at: vwm@feelmeyummy.com

      If you'd like to verify that we are indeed with Shopify, you can contact their customer service at the following telephone number:  (855) 816-3857

      So take a look around our shop. If you see a gift you'd like to buy, know with confidence everything on FEEL ME YUMMY is bubblewrapped, including you ;-)